Sahih, Mu’tall, Muza’af, Mahmouz, Salim

In last lesson we talked about the root letters. We learnt that each word in Arabic has a root and that often this root has three letters. Now, based on what these letters are, they can have different names.

  1. Mu’tall: If any of the letters و – ی – ا are among the letters of a root that root is called Mu’tall (unsound). For example: ورد has و as the first letter of its root and so is considered a Mu’tall.
  2. Mahmouz: If a root has the letter ء among its letters it is called Mahmouz. For example: أکل that has ء as its first letter.
  3. Muza’af: If in a root there are repititve words we call it Muza’af or reduplicated. For example: ددن in which there are two letter د or مدّ (originally مدد) which has again two letter د.

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