Light Bites

Real knolwedge is a light that God places in the heart. Learning is receving a dose of light. And here are some light bites prepared with love for you.

… is the origin and source of all lights. It cannot be expressed or put in words. We only experience it once it manifests. The essence.


The moment that reality beyond our grasp manifests in a realm we can understand it becomes love. Love is the colour that has all the colours, like light before going through a prism.


Another way of referring to love is being. Anything that exists is filled with love and embraced in it. Being and love are two ways of experiencing the same reality. Once being and love go through the prism the main bites manifest.

The Main Bites

Main Light Bites are the fundamental ingredients that combine to create the complexity of numerous smaller bites. They are akin to the few taste buds that, in combination, produce a multitude of flavors, or the primary colors of the rainbow that blend to form an infinite array of hues.


Knowledge signifies the intimate understanding of the essence and interconnectedness of all things. It encompasses the order, purpose, direction, and elegance of the universe.


It signifies the perpetual renewal and dynamism of creation.


Power signifies the absolute and limitless ability to create, control, and transform all things. It embodies the capacity to manifest change, to direct the course of events, and the strength to sustain the universe.

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Annie Steiner

CEO, Greenprint

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